IRA Custodians

Below is a list of current custodians for IRA accounts that will hold real property investments such as LLC Units or Partnership Interests.  Please contact any below to explore their fees and procedures to have them serve as a custodian for your IRA account.

Self-directed Individual Retirement Account custodians that will hold real estate investments are growing rapidly for good reason, these custodians and platforms empower investors with direct control over where their money is invested. Instead of investing IRA funds only in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, investors can now select alternative assets such as real estate, mortgage notes, and numerous other opportunities.

For skeptics who think the self-directed IRA is a new twist, it’s not. Self-direction has been available since the origin of IRAs via the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. But, because the legislation required that IRA-holders’ funds be held by a custodial institution, such as a bank or brokerage house, the range of investments eventually became limited to types that those institutions customarily worked with.
Real estate, coins and other types of investments beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds got habitually overlooked.

Since 2001, the Internal Revenue Service has explicitly permitted self-directed IRAs as a type of account that may put funds in so-called alternative investment categories, such as real estate.

To explore the transition to a self-directed IRA, investors can begin by consulting custodians of these types of investments. Here are links to many self-directed IRA custodians who are open to alternative investments:

Please note, that we are not recommending any of these custodians over another, please do your own research on fees, procedures and financial strength.  

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