The Fiduciary Difference

In the financial services industry, there are brokers and there are advisers.AIF logo

There are people who sell products and there are people who sell knowledge. There are people who work for commissions and people who work for you. This is the fiduciary difference.

A FIDUCIARY is bound by law to place the interests of its Clients, before the fiduciary’s own.

Our account management process usually follows a 5-step process to help grow and monitor investment portfolios:

  1. Discover: Ask questions to learn about a client objectives, concerns and risk profile.
  2. Engage: have a dialogue to uncover specific needs and define any challenges
  3. Advise: Present options and investment solutions to match needs.
  4. Implement: Implement the plan and monitor for improvement opportunities.
  5. Refine: Refine the plan as necessary to ensure continued alignment with needs.
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